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CA 450-11-02

GEA Westfalia Separator
Decantadores Bifásicos

Carácter comodín

Tipo: CA 450-11-02

Fabricante: GEA Westfalia Separator

Especificación: Decantadores Bifásicos

Diamètre de bol: 458

Version de bol: Cône plat

Longueur de bol: Normal

Version de châssis: Version étanche à la vapeur

Dérivation des liquides: Phases lourde et légère sans pression

Type d’entraînement du bol: Entraînement par courroie

Type d’entraînement de la vis: 2 entraînements à engrenage

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The GEA Westfalia Separator decanter centrifuges are designed especially to operate in separation jobs, where high demands are put to continous separation of solids from suspensions with very high solids content. This means clarification of liquids, concentration of solids or classification of solids according to particle size. The fields of application are in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, starch industry, fish and fat processing industries, food and beverages industries and in waste water treatment plants.

Technical Data:

Length: 3000 – 4000 mm
L/D ratio: 3,2 – 4,4
Weight: 2680 – 3370 kg
Volume aprox.: 5 – 35 m³/h
Bowl speed: up to 3400 rpm
Number of g's max.: up to 2900 g


The decanter is driven by a low-noise three-phase AC motor. Power is transferred to the bowl via V-belts. The conveyor screw is also driven via V-belts and a Cyclo gear. The V-belts pulleys can be exchanged so as to produce various speed differentials. The main bowl bearings, the conveyor screw bearings and the Cyclo gear are lubricated with grease. The drive motor is installed beneath the bowl between the feet to save space and is dampened against vibrations.

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Tus ventajas

  • Más de 60 años de experiencia
  • Recondicionado
  • Nuevo sistema de controladores PLC
  • Calidad de primera clase
  • Banco de pruebas propio
  • Potencial de ahorro de hasta el 70%.
  • Puesta en marcha/conexión de procesos
  • Con garantía
  • Servicio postventa
  • Asesoria independiente del fabricante

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